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Fredericksburg Texas Relief Route

The City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, acting through the Gillespie County Relief Route Task Force and with support from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), are conducting a feasibility study to explore a potential US 290 relief route around Fredericksburg. The relief route would give people the option to travel around, rather than directly through the city.

US 290 is an east-west highway that passes through downtown Fredericksburg and it's Main Street tourist area. Discussions about a possible relief route have been ongoing in the Gillespie County area for many years. As traffic volumes and congestion continue to increase, the need for a relief route has become an important safety and quality-of-life issue for the community.

It is the intent of the City, County, Task Force, and TxDOT to actively engage the community throughout the study process. By encouraging participation and community-wide dialogue, a transportation solution can be identified that preserves Main Street as the heart of Fredericksburg, minimizes community impacts and reflects community values. As part of the study, goals, and objectives will be established and route options will be identified and evaluated. The study will conclude with the identification of a locally preferred option.

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