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Getting around Fredericksburg – the fun way!

Everyday, more and more people are getting excited about visiting Fredericksburg, Texas. There is so much to see, do, eat and tour! But how they get around in town differs than it might have even just five years ago. The town is growing and as tourism increases so do ways of commuting.
The new Fredericksburg Trolley buses offer a vintage appearance and are fun to ride. They offer regular local transport with more than 14 stops around town. They also offer specialty tours, special event transportation, and wedding rentals. It’s as fun as getting some shopping done in town or taking a trolley out to Enchanted Rock. Wherever you go in Fredericksburg, be sure to take your camera with you. Children under three ride free, and the trolley shuttles are handicap accessible. The next time you are in town and want to ditch the hassles of parking your own car, think about hitching a ride with these guys for an inexpensive trip!
Fredericksburg’s Texas Wine Tours offer wine tours throughout the Hill Country region as well as transportation to Luckenbach, Texas and Enchanted Rock tours. They can also accommodate  special requests, to cater to special events or guests’ needs. They provide a range of price options and transportation for small or larger groups, anywhere from 2 to 200 people, including corporate events, bachelorette parties and so much more. On your next visit, don’t worry that your group is too little or too large! Check them out!
And the best among Fredericksburg’s unique transportation options? No doubt the Pedal Tour Texas! The Pedal Tour offers a fun adventurous and affordable option to visit all of Fredericksburg. The bike runs 364 days a year. They are similar to a wine bus or trolley, only you get to do the pedaling and it’s open air, including a roof for shade. A Pedal Tour ride is approximately two hours long. You will get to visit some of Texas’ bars and wine tasting rooms including Hondo’s, Pontotoc Vineyard, Lincoln Street Wine and Cigar Bar and The Stable. You can make purchases at most of these establishments and grab a drink. Come for Oktoberfest, a tour of Historic Downtown Fredericksburg, or a bachelorette party. Even just a weekend or date night. Whatever the case, how can you say no to a little exercise, beer, wine AND a designated driver?
It’s safe to say Fredericksburg is “going” about transportation the right way! Whichever way you choose, be sure you have fun in this one-of-a-kind town. Call your girls, guys, moms and dads…. and get ready for a ride of your life!