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Have you ever noticed a real estate agent’s signature followed by a small alphabet attached to their name? You will see examples such as CRS, GRI, SRS, and ABR. Honestly there are too many to count these days, but rest assured, this alphabet soup is most important, primarily to you, the buyer or seller. What do they all mean, you ask? Essentially these are certifications that an agent can earn and are supported by the Texas Association of REALTORS ® and/or the National Association of REALTORS ®.

Agents that seek additional certifications are typically prepared for issues that can arise in daily transactions. They become better negotiators, marketers and truly understand the processes in which real estate transactions occur. More importantly, agents are given the chance to learn from others who are the best in their industry and get real-time solutions to real estate issues that tend to change each year, if not quarterly in some cases. Classes also give agents a chance to role play difficult situations before they become real life scenarios.

Our agents at RE/MAX Town & Country have several certifications each, but there is certainly one certification that stands out above the rest, the CRS- Certified Residential Specialists.

REALTORS® who receive the CRS Designation have completed advanced professional training and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in residential real estate such as time in the industry and volume sold. Only 37,000 REALTORS® nationwide have earned the credential and in Fredericksburg, 4 of the 7 CRS agents are employed at RE/MAX Town & Country. If it were simple, everyone would have it!

Home buyers and sellers can be assured that the agents are RE/MAX Town & Country value the CRS certification because perfection is not a starting place, but a standard!