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Priceless! Planning a Fredericksburg Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Love is priceless! Just remember that – even as the pressure builds – with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.
Recovering from the holidays may have you on a budget and you are probably scrambling for ideas that won’t break the bank. Will it be flowers, chocolate, jewelry or dinner out? Here are some creative and thrifty ideas that can help guide you to the perfect, romantic Valentine’s Day with your beloved without breaking the bank.
The first budget-friendly Valentine’s stop: our local HEB usually has some great deals on chicken, pork or tilapia. Grab a little pasta, some salad, and a local wine, and make a romantic dinner for two at home. Around the Valentine’s Day holiday you will usually find special yet affordable treats like chocolate covered strawberries or small, individual-sized cakes as well.
Maybe you want to go out to see the latest movie at Fritztown Cinema, or even better, stay home in your PJ’s making popcorn. What is better than an in-home movie marathon? There is also the option of having an at-home game night. Who doesn’t love a little Scrabble, Yahtzee, or Uno? You could get even wilder and play Mario Cart or Just Dance on your gaming console!
A great benefit of being home around this time of year is that you can spark up a bonfire or light the fireplace if you have one. It’s a great moment to grab a throw blanket and cuddle with your love. If you plan in advance  (hint hint) you can even make S’Mores!
Maybe staying home is not for you. Maybe you are an explorer at heart. Take a hike in your Fredericksburg backyard. Go to Enchanted Rock, or just drive! Take a drive around town and enjoy all of its beauty. If you do decide to go hiking or picnicking, pack a lunch. Pack some cheese, salami and a local wine. If it is simply too cold out, have an indoor picnic. All of these notions will not go unnoticed.
Remember its not about the gift, it’s about the thought. It’s about the person you love. It says “I thought about you and I thought you would really enjoy doing this with me as much as I enjoy being with you!” So go on and start planning, lovebirds!