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Tourist Appeal = An Appealing Town To Live In

Fredericksburg is getting a lot of press lately. It has become known as a romantic getaway, a wedding destination, a Bed & Breakfast mecca, a wildflower extravaganza, a shopper’s paradise, an antiquer’s dream, and a wine enthusiasts’ favorite place to raise a glass – we have it all. And really, that just touches the surface. Add in plenty of upscale restaurants, like Vaudeville on Main, and over the top spots like Alstadt Brewery on 290, plus so many new venues popping up daily.

As we all know, property values have soared. For those who own property, it’s fantastic! For those looking to invest in a growing, thriving town, it’s hard to beat! For some of us locals, the growth is hard to take in. Gone is sleepy Main St. with everything closed by 6 p.m. Parking is a little tougher, and our town is quite a bit busier feeling – especially on weekends. HEB is no longer a quick zip in and out!

Even though this growth has brought certain challenges for those used to a smaller town and slower pace, there are many positives to living in a popular tourist destination. For one, we have so many truly fine restaurants for a community our size. Foodies and wine and beer enthusiasts can regularly enjoy great bites to eat and fine drinks without a trip to a larger city.

Fredericksburg has always taken good care of its town infrastructure, it’s just the way it’s always been here. But, with more weekend events and incoming tourists, it’s more important than ever to keep things shipshape. Our city puts great effort into keeping the city in great shape and beautifying and improving things, more-so than many other similarly-sized towns where tourism isn’t active.

And, of course, there is always plenty to do in our little town. Almost every weekend there are events of some sort, with certain weekends offering over the top entertainment, like Oktoberfest weekend. As full-time residents in Fredericksburg, we get to take advantage of these events right in our own town, without needing to travel to attend.

Another area where our town is thriving, compared to many of our neighboring small towns, is the local job market. Jobs are plentiful in Fredericksburg. From the service industry to construction trades, there is plenty of work and employers are eager to pay well in order to acquire skilled and reliable employees. Life in Fredericksburg has always been good, and it’s getting better. For those who have lived here awhile, hang on to your hat, we will no doubt see more change coming. For those who are new to town, welcome, to the greatest little town in Texas!