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The interesting street names of Fredericksburg, Texas

Have you ever paid close attention to the street signs while driving down Main St. in Fredericksburg? If so, you may have noticed something quite unique and interesting about them.

As you head east on Main St, towards Johnson City and Austin, the cross streets running North and South, starting at Market Platz and town center are: Adams, Llano, Lincoln, Washington, Elk, Lee, Columbus, Olive, Mesquite and Eagle. Take a close look, do you notice anything? Yes! They spell out ALL WELCOME! Isn’t that cool?

Head west from Market Platz and there is an equally friendly message: Crockett, Orange, Milam, Edison, Bowie, Acorn, Cherry and Kay. A look at these names will quickly show you this direction spells out COME BACK.

How did this quirky welcome come to be? It wasn’t always this way. When Fredericksburg was first settled, the North-South streets had Latin names. Then, they were changed to numeric names. It wasn’t until the city was incorporated in 1933 that city leaders chose to rename the streets as they are now, to add a little extra touch of welcome and friendship to all you passed along Main Street.

That same welcoming attitude is sure alive and well today, as Main Street and the historic district flourish with restaurants, gift shops, and guest cottages. Are you considering a move to Fredericksburg? Whether in the market for your first home, retirement home, or second home in the country, Fredericksburg has so much to offer! When you are ready to look at properties, give us a call at Fredericksburg’s REMAX Town & Country, we’d love to help you in your search!